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Want a Bin? Get in touch

If you are a company in Black River, Savanne or Plaines Wilhelms looking to recycle your plastics and beverage cans, reach out to us! We will show you how to sort the recyclables and we will collect them for recycling.

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Subscribe to our Signature Learning Workshop Oui Recycle!

If you are a school and are interested in our learning program on plastic pollution, get in touch! Our educators will come to provide awareness to your students.

If you are a company and are interested to learn more about plastic pollution and recycling, book a workshop with us! Our volunteers will deliver our learning workshops on site or online to your employees.

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Whether helping with clean-ups, awareness campaigns, or collection campaigns, we would love your involvement! You can help us raise awareness on the importance of sorting and recycling, diverting wastes from the landfill and engage actively in reduccing pollution of our public spaces.

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Stay up to date with our agenda for our upcoming events, some of our events are open to the public. You can get location, date and time information for each event by following our Facebook Page. To be notified on future events we suggest registering to our newsletter, better still if you are willing to donate your time why not volunteer with us!